Monday, October 2, 2017

KK1M at Tawau

A cataract surgery camp under the aegis of Katarak Klinik 1 Malaysia (KK1M) was organized at Tawau Hospital from 29th and 30th September 2017. 

On the 29th, our team of 2 doctors and 5 paramedics reached Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) for our flight to Tawau. The Air Asia flight was supposed to start at 9:55am from KKIA. 

However, after waiting at the airport for sometime it was announced that the flight had been delayed indefinitely due to "technical problems". At longlast, after a 4 hour wait, the flight took off from KKIA.

Mount Kinabalu from air

We reached Tawau at 1:30 pm. The airport was crowded with tourists traveling to the many world famous islands and diving sites scattered around Tawau.

Tawau airport
There was a van from the hospital waiting at the airport. We started driving towards the city center and after 30 minutes or so the driver took us to Hotel Promenade. Unfortunately, there was a hitch. WE WERE BOOKED IN HOTEL EMAS, not in Promenade! So, off we went to Hotel Emas; checked-into our rooms; freshened up and were soon on our way to the hospital. There was a rumor that the hotel is haunted. Fortunately, during our stay we didn't encounter any out-of-this-world experiences. 

We could only start surgeries by 3pm. Luckily, some other doctors from Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan and Tawau had already completed the bulk of cases. We just did some leftovers and went back to our hotel. That night, our sponsors, the Lions Club, invited us for dinner and a small ceremony to felicitate us.

Lions Club felicitating us
On the 30th, we reached Tawau Hospital again and were soon in the midst of surgeries. Overall, about 55 cases were operated during those 2 days. That night, our gracious host, took us to the famous Yassin Curry House. The restaurant is famous for its biryani (a rice dish). I had a tasty chicken biryani and chicken kebabs as accompaniments.

On 1st of October, we started from Tawau around 10:05am and reached KKIA within 40 minutes. Overall, the trip was interesting, satisfying and a good experience to learn.

Friday, September 22, 2017


Based on the talk presented at the 7th Conjoint Ophthalmology Scientific Conference on 16th September 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

7th Conjoint Ophthalmology Scientific Conference

The 7th Conjoint Ophthalmology Scientific Conference (COSC2017) was held in Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 15th and 16th of September 2017, with a pre-conference workshop on 14th September. The theme of this conference was: "Angles and curves: New perspectives on glaucoma and cornea management". Apart from a number of speakers from the host country, 2 international speakers came from India and Singapore. Dr Pravin Vaddavalli from L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, spoke on corneal diseases while Dr Wong Hon Tym, who is associated with Singapore's National Healthcare Group Eye Institute, spoke on glaucoma. 


DAY 1 :

The first day saw the inauguration of the conference with the launch of the second edition of the" Glaucoma guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia". 
Launch of glaucoma guidelines

[Use the link above to download the pdf file of the guidelines]

Some of the talks related to glaucoma were: ”Dry eyes & glaucoma” by Asso. Prof Dr Mimiwati Zahari; “Aetiology of glaucoma in penetrating keratoplasty” by Asso. Prof Dr Jemima Che Hamzah. A lunch symposium on “Central Corneal Thickness and its role in glaucoma” was conducted by Dr Wong. 

Dr Wong Hon Tym
Dr Mimiwati

In the afternoon session, there was a talk on "Anterior segment imaging in glaucoma" by Dr Wong and on "Retinal imaging in glaucoma" by Dato Dr Ahmad Mt Saad.

I presented my modified trabeculectomy technique (AMTT= Ahmad's Modified Trabeculectomy Technique). The title of the talk, conforming to the theme, was: "Angles, curves & slopes: A modified trabeculectomy technique". I have tried to incorporate some of the best known steps in conventional trabeculectomy to develop a reliable technique, which can be performed in all types of angles, has a flat learning curve and steep slope of success.

Myself presenting on AMTT


DAY 2 :

On day 2, the talks relating to glaucoma included:
"Titrated cyclophotocoagulation" by Datin Dr Thayanithi K. Sandragasu; "Recent advances: Medical treatment of glaucoma" by Prof Dr Liza Sharmini Ahmad Tajudin and "Recent advances: Glaucoma surgery" by Dr Mohd Aziz Husni.

Dr Thayanithi

Dr Liza

Dr Aziz

This conference was extremely useful for refreshing knowledge, gaining new insights and making new friends or reinforcing old relationships.